The Wish Game App


 I have always had a healthy cynicism regarding the positive thinking movement. I think most survivors do, having repeatedly heard such chestnuts as “forget the past, look to the future.”  I once took a call at a luncheon from the IVF scientist in charge of taking care of my two precious embryos. They informed me that one of the two had perished. Heartbroken, and left with one chance of successful implantation, I went back to the table. “What’s the matter?” a companion asked. I told them the news, and they smiled. “Chin up!” they said, and went back to their conversation. I felt dismissed, and certainly my grief was unheard. I felt almost embarrassed, as though I shouldn’t have had a reaction at all. Platitudes don’t help, and are almost certainly entirely damaging when one is fragile, whether it be through grief or other trauma. Positive thinking can sadly be an escape for those who aren’t comfortable supporting and hearing another’s pain. Throw a person a platitude and then walk away. Being happy and planning for the future is altogether different.

It was in this spirit that I tried out this particular app. I was cautious, not expecting much at all. I punched in my desire to travel, and was pleasantly surprised at the result. The game took me through my desire, and then looked at how I may be sabotaging the realization of this goal. I realized that I have a fear of flying, and also am hesitant about travelling due to my health. Even the hassle of obtaining a passport has put me off! Once I looked at all the obstacles, the game allowed me to break down the steps into workable pieces. It is going to send me reminders on the dates I set! I see this game as a useful tool to get me to where I want to be. When you look at your dreams, they can seem too big and overwhelming. It is only when you break them down that you can see a way to achieving them.

The Wishing Game App is available here.

3 thoughts on “The Wish Game App

  1. I’m going to give thus a go. Someone close to me recently noticed that I always have a negative outcome in my mind no matter what I do. I expect things not to work. So I want to change the way I feel and move forward with my dreams and goals. Thanks for recommending this to us!


  2. Very true about those positive attitude platitudes – often the worse thing that can be said. But as you say, it probably reflects discomfort, so although one might hope for more understanding, it’s not always easy to overcome that barrier and reach out in a more appropriate manner. Sounds like a cool app, btw!


  3. I think you are right. The positive thinking movement is a very interesting movement… I do get that you need to stay positive in order to not get under but sometimes (just like in your case) one of those positive set phrases are just ridiculous or even mean. I think they are also an easy way out for the people involved. Just simply use one of those “stay positive phrases” and you are out of it. You don’t have to engage further as you have done your part. Instead of listening they shut you down. And as you said: Make you feel worse. I believe that it’s another thing to try to stay positive and highlight the positive if you truly listen and truly engage. Then you will also be able to lift someone up.


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