Teddy Bear Olympics

We were invited to take part in a Teddy Bear Olympics this week. Our friend’s outdid themselves with the decorations! There were hundreds of soft toys acting as spectators, flags, hand-made medals and little trophies. Some of the categories were for the shiniest nose, best dance moves and discus! It was glorious to see the kids outside, being kids.

They cheered each other on, spending hours gallivanting around, having a lovely time. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and it brought together a wide range of ages. Let childhood last for as long as possible! I know there were many soft toys getting congratulatory hugs last night! Our Rosie certainly was!

img_0668 IMG_6722

Something happened on the way to the Olympics, which left my daughter and I with the feels. We were at a train station, and a two-year old had a meltdown over the vending machine. She wanted some treats, and she wanted them now! Her mother had no change, and the little girl tipped over the toddler edge, and couldn’t reign herself in. A group of young guys sat down next to us, and rather than roll their eyes at the screaming toddler and her poor mum, one of them went into his bag, and handed her one of the little koala bears he had been selling. The spell was broken, and the toddler smiled. The mother was eternally grateful. There were good feelings all-round. The power of a soft toy can’t be underestimated! Did you have a favourite when you were a child?


18 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Olympics

  1. I used to have a pink teddy bear growing up though at the time I didn’t think too much about it. My daughter has a little cat she likes to call ‘Caramel’ she carries it with her everywhere and sometimes when no one is watching I like to hold it and hug it…makes me feel good. Not weird I hope 😀


  2. That is an Excellent Idea You had to have that kind of ‘Olympics!’, my Dear Raphaela! Hearty, Hearty Kudos on that. Do arrange more of those, and I DO hope Other Bloggers take this Up.

    Good to hear of the Lovely time had by the Children. God Bless one and All.

    VERY nice to see Rosie with that Happy face. May She have Lots and Lots of Happiness.

    It was Super of that Young man to have presented that Child with that Gift. As also, Very nice to hear that the Others were tolerant and supportive. I shall not tire of saying God Bless.

    By the way, White on the nice Background You have chosen is easier on the eyes, please. The black was rather hard to see. 🙂

    Love and Regards to Rosie and to You! 🙂

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  3. Looks like fun all around! How your girl is growing up!

    I had a teddy I slept with till her fur was short and the velvet was worn off her nose. Her lace wrists and ankles frayed and her neck ruffle tattered. One day, her head popped off. She was to be repaired by my parents but was lost 😦 her name was Mrs. Bear, she was quite the proper miss.


  4. I love the idea of the Teddy bear Olympics, and what a beautiful story on the way there.
    I had a bunny rabbit with a big purple velvet skirts where you could store your nightie. My dad got it for me and I treasured that.

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  5. My favorite toys were baby dolls when very young. At Easter, I liked getting a stuffed white Bunny. I am glad te young man did such a sweet thing. I liked having Teddy Bear Picnics with my preschoolers as I taught special Ed preschool for 9 years. Everyone even teacher asst and I wore pajamas and brought stuffed animals. Hugs to you and sweet daughter, Raphaela. She is beautiful and so are you.

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  6. I had a teddy bear I loved from a baby. I know it ended up without a head but it didn’t make a difference it was still loved until the stomach was furless.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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