What’s your Hippie Name?

The wondrous Ritu put the call out  to uncover  your hippie name may be. Marvellous idea! I am Flower, in case you were wondering!


To find out your name, click here!


24 thoughts on “What’s your Hippie Name?

Add yours

  1. Yes, me too! We are a big bunch of flowers, aren’t we? You know what they say… “Birds of a feath…flower? …” It’s no surprise that we all read your blog and we all have something in common. Thanks for the fun. Groovy, babe!


  2. Yes, me too! We are a big bunch of flowers, aren’t we? You know what they say..”Birds of a feath….flower?…” well, it is no surprise that we all read your blog and many of us are flowers.
    hehehe thanks for the fun 🙂 Groovy, babe!


  3. I am Flower also — You’re a delicate little flower that nobody would ever want to hurt. Don’t let your appearance fool them though. You have a totally groovy side to you that only comes out when you’re with your friends having a good time. You’re constantly growing as a person, just like a flower grows each day.

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