Versatile Blogging Award

I am honoured to have been nominated for this award by the glorious Mary-Anne.

I am asked to list 7 random facts about myself.
1. I never try clothes or shoes on at store’s, as its far too boring. I prefer to guesstimate and bring them home (usually at my peril).
2. I am obsessed with colour and don’t understand beige at all.
3. I love popcorn and eat it all before the movie starts.
4. Spring is my favourite season.
5. I don’t understand mean-spirited people. I really don’t.
6. I love adventures and those who are young at heart.
7. I love roast vegetables with chilli baked beans on top.
I nominate the following:
The Wine Wankers  Delightful fellows.
I love you with all my Chicken
A courageous young lady who recently had heart surgery.
Chasing My Halo Now I know nothing about sport, but I am enamoured by Angie. Her style of writing, photography and spirit, have captured me.
Nerd in the Brain Funny and insightful.
Flowers and Wanderlust Delightful and beautifully presented.
Daring to be my Life Honest and real.
A Day in the Life  I have a spring in my step after reading her blog.
My Midlife Mayhem Hilarious and true!

Once again, I wish I could nominate many more!


Thankyou for my Nominations!

The beautiful
has gifted me by nominating Hummingbird Redemption for The Versatile Blogger Award, versatile
and The Sunshine Award sunshine-award2
Thankyou, for this honour. I will try and live up to it. xxx
The Rules are the following.
Answer 10 questions,thank the person who nominated you, nominate at least 10 deserving bloggers, and place the award somewhere in your blog.
The Questions.
1.Favourite Food: Anything vegetarian!
2.Favourite Actor: Cate Blanchett is beguiling, but I have quite a few whom I adore.
3.Favourite TV Show: I love documentaries.
4.Favourite Tear-Jerker: Love Les Mis, Frida, Far Away, So Close. Too many!
5.Favourite Sport: I don’t mind baseball. Apart from that, I know nothing of sport.
6.Lucky Number: Has to be 7. I fell on the 7th hour of the 7th month on a number 7 day, on a 7 street! It signifies transformation, which is certainly the case!
7.Tea or Coffee? Both have their merits. Need coffee in the morning, and drink all kinds of tea throughout the day.
8.Favourite Holiday: Anywhere that is warm and peaceful and in nature.
9.Twitter or Facebook: Twitter is handy for updated news, and to link stories, and Facebook is lovely for catching up with those you love and for sharing life.
10. Favourite Christmas Movie: Has to be It’s a Wonderful Life.

It gives me great joy to nominate the following, It is inspiring and encouraging. Funky! Extraordinary 23 Year old. Beautiful Pictures. My fellow Aussie! Infertility and Beyond. #Project Positive! Empowering! Reviews. A lovely community. Ideas, art and beauty.
I wish I could keep going! There will be another round, I am sure. xxx