Dragons Loyalty Award

4 Year Old Adult has nominated me for the Dragons Loyalty Award. Thankyou very much for this honour!
Here are the rules:
1.Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
2.Pass the award on to other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
3.List 7 facts about yourself.
Here Goes!
1. I am caught between being an extrovert and somebody incapacitated by fear of social settings.
2. I have been creating a mandala each night, and have been amazed by what has come up. It’s interesting to look at a few week’s worth and see what has popped out of my brain!
3. I wake up each night at 3am. I usually read and think before having a light sleep again for an hour or so.
4. I love riding the red double-decker  bus around Sydney with my daughter. I turn the phone off and relax.
5. I love good coffee and fine wines, preferably with a harpist playing at a lovely venue.
6. I love photographs and feel a little overwhelmed that I now have a few year’s worth to print off! Digital photography has made the taking of pictures easy. Too easy!
7. I am eccentric, though only in my routine, diet, dress sense, hair, way of thinking and decorating. I love people who stand out as individuals.
I nominate the following:
Wonder of My Worlds


Ten Things I Dislike/Ten Things I Love

The marvellous Corina invited her readers to make a list of things they dislike and those they love. I agree with her that “hate” is a word I try not to use, and much prefer “dislike.”


10 Things I Dislike.

1. Lateness. I am a punctual person. It reflects respect, being on time. It is an acknowledgement that the person’s time is valuable. It is also necessary. I take medications at certain times to curtail my spinal/nerve pain. I have to self-catheterise at specific times as a result of my spinal injuries. My days are timed to such an extent that an hour spent sitting  is calculated. If times blow out by as little as twenty minutes, everything goes to hell.

2. Noisy Neighbours. They can make or break a place!

3. Talking on phones. I can reply to texts and emails in blocks, and just don’t have time for several phone calls each day, especially when service providers keep you waiting for hours!

4. Drama. Drama is something that one trains for as an actor, and should only be seen on-screen or in the theatre.

5. Politicians. Need I say more?

6. Wrapping gifts. Mostly because I suck at it.

7. Big shopping centres. Sensory overload. I resent being deliberately hypnotized by lighting and sounds into a state of inertia.

8. People who gossip and are mean. I would hope that we have evolved as a species.

9. Winter. I lay broken on the ground in winter, going into shock as the paramedics wrapped  a foil blanket around me. Winter doesn’t float my boat.

10. Noise. Why are people scared of silence?


10 Things I Love.

1. My Daughter. She is magnificent. She sings and plays guitar.


2. My Guinea Pigs and birds. They are whimsical, affectionate creatures.

3. My computer and Wi fi connection!

4. Springtime. The season of hope.

5. Loyal Friends.

6. Music. Everything from Lolo Lovina to The Old Married Couple and many more aside.

7. People who make me laugh and are fun! Life can get so heavy. It is a blessing to be around those who lighten your load.

8. My errant treasures of books, vintage clothing, photos and decorations.

9. The magnificent fresh produce available in my town, and the purveyors of such.

10. Art in all its forms.

If you would like to devise your own lists, feel free to do so!