Respect Award


The wonderful Rob Goldstein has honoured me with the Respect Award. Thankyou, Rob! I am humbled. Please go check out his extraordinary blog. The feeling is entirely mutual.

There are no rules to this award. I nominate the following, some of whom are new and would love a visit! If I had time, I would have added many more, all of whom are deserving of this award.


The Empathy Queen


Gentle Kindness

Memoir Notes

Thistles and Kiwis

Musings of an Old Fart


Leisa’s Blog

I have had the pleasure of being Leisa’s friend for several years, and her integrity, kindness and empathetic nature hold her in good stead as a counsellor and wellness coach.I was beyond excited to find that she has recently joined our WordPress family! Check out her blog here and show her some love!