Bill’s Meeting with the Dalai Lama

Bill Crews wrote about his profound connection and recent meeting with the Dalai Lama. It is simply one of the most exquisite, transformative pieces of writing I have ever encountered. Grab a cup of tea, sit quietly, and be prepared to be elevated by this blog piece.


We need our unions, now more than ever! They have slowly been stripped of their rights, and it is time to ensure that this ceases. The construction union, the CFMEU, has been denied entry to work sites to ensure that they are safe, and in one instance, a tragedy occurred, when a young father was killed. People’s safety shouldn’t be determined by the edicts of big business.

A handy list of things to do to shake up your world!

Love your scars!

I am guilty of having gone crazy with a pair of scissors, giving my daughter a haircut!

Live like Spongebob!


What I loved in February…

How wonderful is the response by Lush to the Fair Work Commission’s ruling? If you would like to praise them, you can do so on their Facebook page.





Raphaela’s Picks of the Week


A parrot with a villainous cackle!

This is a heart-achingly real piece about how it feels to have difficulty with fertility.

I found this Cube Test fascinating.

This video, wow!


Confessions of an introverted extrovert.

A gorgeous dog with a butterfly on it’s nose.



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Raphaela’s Picks from the Internet

A satirical look on the epidemic that is ‘Glitter Lung’.



A dear friend has a fantastic blog about home schooling her daughter. Check it out!

This dear little fellow will give your day a lift; I guarantee it!

These portraits of fish brimming with personality will leave you in awe.


For me, this says it all. 

Raphaela’s Picks of the Week

Here is what transported, transfixed and transcended the everyday this past week.

A hummingbird dress. I want one!

We are in the midst of floods in Sydney at the moment. The following advice is important if one finds oneself on a flooded road!

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Vintage Clothing and a Ballerina!