Light it Red for Dyslexia

It’s that magical time of year again! This is what I wrote last year. The other day, my daughter read a whole lesson plan out by herself! It has taken eighteen months of frustration and tears to build her confidence, but she now believes that she can do it, in her own time and way. We have tools in which to help her, and her involvement in drama, the arts and singing have contributed greatly to her heightened self-esteem.

She joined the RSL Rural Commemorative Youth Choir, and it has given both her and I such joy. The choir had a camp at Cockatoo Island, and sang at Government House recently, Damien Leith and Mrs Hurley singing alongside them. My daughter was so buoyant after this experience, it was hard to recollect a time when her confidence was at rock-bottom.

When she has a dramatic performance, she learns her lines by singing them to a beat. When she learns songs, she tends to do so quickly. It has been fascinating, observing how she learns and also humbling. She walks with a skip in her step and her head held high, just as I dreamed she would.

For more information on Light it Red for Dyslexia, click here.

4 thoughts on “Light it Red for Dyslexia

  1. This is amazing.I love it when dyslexics overcome their fears and come out stronger than ever. Dyslexia should never be perceived as a weakness or a disorder, it is your strength it makes you who you are, your fears, struggles, and your experiences build your personality and allow you to be the person you have always wanted to be.
    Raphaela your parenting skills must have played a major role is shaping your daughter, it is you who gave her the strength to sing in front of that big crowd, dyslexia is a family problem, not only is the individual affected by it but also the entire family, parents and siblings need to change themselves in order to adapt to the dyslexic family member. I applaud your parenting skills and our daughter courage. She will surely make all dyslexics proud.
    Check out my blog for insights on dyslexia!


    • Oh my friend, bless you for this lovely feedback! When my daughter was at school, she lost her confidence. In the past two years (since homeschooled), she has regained it, and is proud of who she is. I have just started reading your blog, and love it! X


  2. I am now working with a band director who has dyslexia. It’s been very eye opening. She’s really loving the new free font they created for people with dyslexia:) it was a joy to hear how she could now read her favorite books with ease! I cannot imagine being separated or feeling hostility towards the written word, it’s cruel.

    I am glad your darling is reenergized and feeling confident. She seems to be a wonderful young lady, in command of her own fairy kingdom- as it should be! I hope she continues to keep that confidence:) it helps she has you in your corner!


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