30 Day Challenge. Day 9; Pet Peeves

Okay, here is where you discover how grumpy a little pixie I can be!


  1. People who talk incessantly without drawing breath. What’s that about? I have to lay down in a quiet space after encountering these types.
  2. People who push into queues and pretend not to notice your eyes burning into the back of their heads.
  3. People who cough and sneeze on you. Thanks for that!
  4. Neighbours who have an abnormal interest in your goings-on. I didn’t think that my greeting a friend out the front, or collecting my mail would be that fascinating.


5.People who are always late. I am always early, so this frustrates me.

6. Women who talk incessantly about their Thermomix. I have one, as preparing food from scratch was aggravating my spine. Nothing like feeling bones grinding along your spine as you chop! Now, I just throw things into the bowl and it does the rest. It is a handy appliance, and that is as far as my obsession goes.

7. I find it aggravating that nobody ever calls by when the house is clean. They come en masse just as I am thinking of tidying!

8. Government agencies that keep you on hold for hours. Hours of my life that I will never get back.

9. People who cant make their minds up. I have had to make some very important decisions in a snap, and must admit, I do get irritated when in the company of an indecisive type. This is especially irritating when the time comes to order food.

10. People who take life too seriously. You have to have some fun! Most things that occur in a day aren’t life-changing. They are transient hiccups.

11.Movies that people see en masse. Its almost like a rite of passage to see a certain film, and people gather together in groups to view a popular film like 50 Shades of Grey. Most aren’t my cup of tea and I politely decline.

12. Noisy bars and restaurants. What’s the point of a night out if you cant even talk to the people you are with? Have these places ever heard of sound-proofing?


13.Too much emphasis on status symbols. I would rather my child and I not be branded and made to into a walking advertisement for a clothing company.

14. Noisy shopping centres. The ones with the whole disaster; garish lighting, crap music, hard to negotiate. My idea of hell.

15.Party plans of any kind.

16. Mean-spirited people who gossip.


17. People who kick the back of your chair at the theatre or movies.

18. People who continually ask why you only had one child. I used to ramble on about my fertility issues, as though I had to justify having one kid. Now I just smile and say “I stopped at perfection.”


I could go on, but I think this is enough for now!

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